Wellness Travel is Healthy Trend

22 August 2016

Good-bye ‘fat farms’ and hello ‘soft wellness’ as more travelers choose vacation destinations that meet a revised definition of health. That includes spending more time connecting with nature. Above, my vacation is literally for the birds in The Galapagos Islands. “It’s really changed,” said Jean Pickard, luxury travel consultant with SmartFlyer of Atlanta. “It used … Continue reading Wellness Travel is Healthy Trend

Endless Summer Produce

6 August 2016

It may be time for back to school for lots of families nationwide, but summer is still in full swing in farmer’s markets and the supermarket produce section.  Peaches, berries, summer squash and melons – all kinds of melons are ripe for the picking and deliciously nutritious.  I’ve shared a couple of recipes from The … Continue reading Endless Summer Produce

Mexico City Healthy Gourmet

24 July 2016

  Demand for fried churros dusted in sugar and dipped into chocolate sauce begins at breakfast and continues all day at Mexico City’s historic El Moro churreria open since 1935. Street food carts at busy intersections in this sprawling city of nine million serve up sweet corn slathered in butter and crispy chicharron fried pork … Continue reading Mexico City Healthy Gourmet

Marvelous Mexico City Cuisine

24 July 2016

The vibrant art, historic monuments and architectural treasures of Mexico City continue to lure visitors in search of inspiring cultural experiences. Sampling the country’s culinary treasures is a portal to the past as well.             Mexico’s cuisine is influenced by centuries of food customs from the indigenous Mayan to Spanish conquerors. … Continue reading Marvelous Mexico City Cuisine