Mexico City Healthy Gourmet

24 July 2016

  Demand for fried churros dusted in sugar and dipped into chocolate sauce begins at breakfast and continues all day at Mexico City’s historic El Moro churreria open since 1935. Street food carts at busy intersections in this sprawling city of nine million serve up sweet corn slathered in butter and crispy chicharron fried pork … Continue reading Mexico City Healthy Gourmet

Marvelous Mexico City Cuisine

24 July 2016

The vibrant art, historic monuments and architectural treasures of Mexico City continue to lure visitors in search of inspiring cultural experiences. Sampling the country’s culinary treasures is a portal to the past as well.             Mexico’s cuisine is influenced by centuries of food customs from the indigenous Mayan to Spanish conquerors. … Continue reading Marvelous Mexico City Cuisine

Farmer’s Market Pizza!

14 July 2016

Summer time is prime time for farmer’s markets offering an eye-popping selection of simply delicious fruits and vegetables bursting with fresh flavors. So why not dress your favorite easy to prep foods -hello family pizza night! -in summer’s vibrant colors and flavors? Why not sliced strawberries on a pepperoni pizza? Sweet goes well with spicy. … Continue reading Farmer’s Market Pizza!

Why Summer is Food Safety Central

7 July 2016

Summer time is prime time to relax in a hammock or at the beach but it’s certainly not the time to relax food safety concerns. Due to a variety of factors, most notably the sweltering temperatures outside, the website, ramps up consumer education efforts and reports that the risk of food born illness increases … Continue reading Why Summer is Food Safety Central