Healthier Halloween….with or without Candy Corn

27 October 2014

Scary Good Advice for a Healthier Halloween When I was a kid after a night of neighborhood trick or treating, I’d take off my witch’s hat, pirate girl wig or angel wings and dump the sweet loot on the living room floor to size up the cache collected on Halloween. Then I started categorizing. Chocolate […]

Crazy Good Nutrition Advice for Crazy Busy Times

14 October 2014

Do you feel like you’re crazy busy right now? I sure do. My big annual conference where all of the dietitians get together to listen, learn and share libations happens this week and this year it’s in Atlanta! Look out folks as 7,000 dietitians populate the city’s restaurants and just might act a little like […]

Fall in Love with Fall Menus: Healthy and Happy

6 October 2014

Autumn’s harvest of apples, pears and turnips will be tumbling onto restaurant menus and into supermarkets soon. To help home cooks up their veggie know-how the James Beard Foundation has released a new smart phone app featuring vegetable recipes from famous chefs with photos and shopping lists. The Glazed Baby Turnips by celebrated chef Thomas […]

Tiny Wild Blueberries Deliver Big Nutrition

26 September 2014

 Good things come in small packages. The same can be said of the tiny wild Maine blueberry being harvested this time of year on otherwise barren rocky fields.   In fact, the land in northern Maine where these short scruffy bushes grow is referred to as ‘the barrens.’ About one third of the size of […]

Food Allergies Can Cause Nutrition Gaps

18 September 2014

 The first mission in creating safe meals for children with food allergies is avoiding the offending ingredient. But, there can be a downside to diets that miss out on the nutritional value found in foods kicked off the menu. A study in The Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (JAND) cautions that inappropriate […]

Breakfast Skippers Stay Slim

28 August 2014

Are you a breakfast skipper? Then you’ve probably been lectured about breakfast being ‘the most important meal of the day’ as the culinary kick-start you need to fuel a healthy day ahead. But, take heart. Two new studies published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, one conducted by a self-proclaimed breakfast skipper at the […]

Let’s do lunch! School Lunch!

7 August 2014

  The smiling and some not-so-smiling faces in first day back to school photos posted on Facebook inspired me to think about what’s on the menu for school lunch this year. And wow school nutrition folks are getting a A+ for menu makeovers and building dedicated teams of chefs, dietitians, food safety pros and local […]