Play with Your Food!

7 April 2016

Let’s have some fun. Play with your food. Why not think of things a little bit differently to shake up meals to include festive ways to include more fruits and vegetables. Crazy mixed up pizza topping idea: Ever thought of adding sliced fresh strawberries to DiGiorno pepperoni pizza? I did and it’s great! I shared … Continue reading Play with Your Food!

That’s Today’s Italian!

19 March 2016

What ethnic cuisine do you feel like eating tonight? If you said ‘Italian’ then you’re in the menu majority. Sixty-one percent of people polled by the National Restaurant Association said they choose Italian food at least once a month when dining out, followed by Mexican and Chinese. While Italian American classics such as huge portions of … Continue reading That’s Today’s Italian!

Norwegian Fish Lands in Atlanta!

13 March 2016

There’s more than one fish in the sea, as the saying goes. Relatively new to the U.S. seafood scene is a premium white fleshed fish called skrei, a wild caught Norwegian artic cod available only from January through April. The name skrei (pronounced “sk-ray”) comes from the old Norse language for “the wanderer” because the … Continue reading Norwegian Fish Lands in Atlanta!

Feed Your Gut

18 February 2016

Good for Your Gut If you’ve ever had the gut feeling that there’s more to eating well than counting calories and watching your cholesterol then you really should trust your gut. Research on the world within our intestinal tract shows that the mixture of microbes in the gut can make or break the body’s overall … Continue reading Feed Your Gut

Sweet News

4 February 2016

Sugar, Sugar Ok, Ok we all know that we’re supposed to eating less sugar. The average American consumes between 22 and 30 teaspoons of sugar per day and according to advice from the new US Dietary Guidelines it should be more like 11 or 12 teaspoons per day. Whoops! Time to cut the sugar habit … Continue reading Sweet News