Coming Clean about Clean Eating

17 April 2017

  Squeaky Clean. Clean as a whistle. Making a clean cut and a clean getaway. Coming clean. The word clean conjures up a streamlined approach to cutting through the clutter, telling the truth, as well as simplifying and often sanitizing life. Clean eating has joined the contemporary nomenclature to describe healthier, more nutritious food choices. … Continue reading Coming Clean about Clean Eating

Binge Watching, Binge Eating

31 March 2017

Late Night TV Binge Watching Leads to Late Night Snack Binging: What to do??? We’ve all been there. Binge watching a TV series into the night. Just one more episode. Just one more episode and I’m going to bed. But then another cliff hanger leads to another cliff hanger. It’s late, it’s dark and no … Continue reading Binge Watching, Binge Eating

Brain Foods 101

22 February 2017

Feed Your Brain We’ve all had days when feel a little fuzzy or super sharp and ready to take on any challenge, but did you know that what you eat or drink can affect how our brains perform lets say during a job interview, taking a test or just focusing on your list of things … Continue reading Brain Foods 101

LOVE these recipes 4 U

14 February 2017

There are so many recipes in cookbooks, online, in blogs, through emails, in magazines and heavens even on recipe cards. These happen to be my 4 favorite sharing with U for Heart Day with a Margarita made in Mexico City to kick things off. Peruvian Potato Salad with Lemon and Parsley Look ma- no mayo! … Continue reading LOVE these recipes 4 U

Montana Meatloaf Recipe

9 February 2017

Montana Meatloaf: best. meatloaf. ever.  Sometimes the best souvenirs are memories of uniquely wonderful dishes that add a delicious dimension to travel experiences. This veggie packed meatloaf recipe created by Executive Chef Josh Drage of The Ranch at Rock Creek is beautiful when sliced revealing jewel like pieces of carrot and celery. Take a bite, … Continue reading Montana Meatloaf Recipe