Celebrating with Seafood and Champagne

14 July 2014

    Really Good Nutrition Research Starts with a Pie Chart As a registered dietitian who’s been writing about food for more than two decades, I’m always worried that what I know and what I share will ultimately be proven wrong. After all, there’s a cavalcade of new studies, reports and surveys released just about every […]

Grilling Secrets from Montana Master Grillers

30 June 2014

 Montana is my 50th state. Not on purpose, just because.  Even though I traveled all over the place with CNN for so many years as a correspondent covering food, health and then travel; I realized I hadn’t been to three states: Alaska, Wyoming and Montana. Last summer I took a cruise to Alaska with my […]

Healthy Demand for Splurge Foods

16 June 2014

Healthier Menu Options Don’t Appeal to Everyone  From soft tacos topped with fresh pico de gallo salsa at Taco Bell and whole-wheat linguine with pomodoro sauce at Olive Garden to braised kale and baked sweet potatoes on many menus; there’s definitely a healthy selection of more nutritious options at restaurants today. But that doesn’t mean […]

Diner’s Education to Enjoy the Ride

20 May 2014

Better driving is dependent on knowing the rules of the road. Your journey toward more nutritious eating also begins with careful navigation. Whether the eats are at a happy hour with co-workers or dining out at a restaurant with family and friends, basic dining detours such as passing on the bread basket or taking the […]

Let’s Eat Out!

20 May 2014

Let the gourmet games begin at the 2014 National Restaurant Association Show welcoming thousands of restaurant owners, chefs and food service suppliers.  Attendees buy everything from vegan entrees to vacuum cleaners.               So what’s on the menu for restaurants? I spent three days spotting trends and talking to pros […]

What’s Not on Menu?

29 April 2014

Here’s some food for thought. No additives, no preservatives, no antibiotics, and no growth hormones. These phrases meant to highlight healthy intentions by focusing on what’s not on the menu are starting to overshadow nutrition information about what’s actually in the dishes we order at restaurants. According to marketing research from Technomic, the healthy halo for foods […]

Yeah Spring! Farmer’s Markets Open!

27 April 2014

Spring signals new beginnings and the re-opening of area farmers markets. Farmers meet shoppers one-on-one to sell their just-picked crops and suggest the best ways to cook them. Friends and neighbors, many with kids and dogs in tow, chat about the week and compare purchases.  Checking Georgia Organic’s list of what’s in season for April, […]