Menu Labeling: It’s Complicated

16 April 2015

 The countdown to provide calorie counts and other nutrition information for menu items is in full swing for more than 250,000 restaurant locations nationwide. Faced with a December deadline set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) restaurant chains with more than 20 outlets are busily crunching the numbers to provide nutrition facts on … Continue reading Menu Labeling: It’s Complicated

Super Foods with Super Promises

23 March 2015

Drink lemon water to detox your liver, battle depression and dissolve gallstones! Consume coconut oil for shiny hair, clear complexion and a healthy heart!   Sip green tea to lose weight and boost your immune system! You may have heard these so-called ‘super food’ claims. Yes, what we eat and drink certainly can help ‘cure … Continue reading Super Foods with Super Promises

National Registered Dietitian Day

11 March 2015

Could it be anymore exciting? It’s National Registered Dietitian Day. Eat right and take a bite of something indulgent. That’s what we RD’s do everyday.  I’ll have what she’s having! SO what’s registered dietitian day all about? Here’s some ‘food for thought’ from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. “It’s no secret that the nutritional health of … Continue reading National Registered Dietitian Day

Nutrition News: What to Eat Now

19 February 2015

What’s on the menu now if you’re trying to eat a healthier diet? Well, the exact recipe for good health keeps changing as nutrition science evolves. The tough job of following the science and translating the latest and greatest into nutrition recommendations is the task given to health expert members of the US. Dietary Guidelines … Continue reading Nutrition News: What to Eat Now

How to Indulge without the Bulge

12 December 2014

Slim and Trim Tips for Keeping Your Holiday Sparkle ‘Tis the season for holiday office parties, festive dinners, cocktail gatherings and sweet temptations just about everywhere you look. Welcome to the dreaded holiday weight gain season. Or is it? For years, it was popular knowledge that folks gained between five and seven pounds during the … Continue reading How to Indulge without the Bulge