Happy Healthy Kitchen Blog

21 November 2017

    Here ye! Here ye! I have launched a new blog called: The Happy Healthy Kitchen: Good for People and the Planet Please join me there for the latest blog posts featuring food, nutrition and cuisine with a delicious dose of world dining discoveries.  Recipes, food trends and what I’m doing (eating) now as … Continue reading Happy Healthy Kitchen Blog

Start with Strawberry Toast

2 July 2017

Summertime is the best time to go big on adding more fresh produce to every meal. This is the season of farmer’s markets, pick your own farms, road side stands and super affordable prices in the supermarket produce section. ALDI supermarkets, with more than 1600 stores in 35 states, serves more than 40 million customers … Continue reading Start with Strawberry Toast

EZ Breezy Summer Recipe

17 June 2017

Summer rules! That means easy to wear clothes and easy to cook cuisine. Take the heat off the cook and the kitchen by firing up the grill outside and making no-cook meals perfect for a picnic or pretty meal on a summer night. One of my favorites is from ALDI where the collection of healthy … Continue reading EZ Breezy Summer Recipe

Ready, Set, Grill!

7 June 2017

While grilled foods are a year round favorite and a world wide method for adding flavor to food through fire, summertime is the official time for grilling season. And folks are getting pretty creative! Grilling steaks? Why not mix things up and leave the usual steak sauce in the fridge ( it does say refrigerate … Continue reading Ready, Set, Grill!

Gluten Free: Fab Food Facts

29 May 2017

May, as National Celiac Awareness Month, may be coming to an end but the need to find gluten-free foods continues. People with celiac disease must totally avoid gluten containing foods including wheat, barley, rye and all of the foods and food ingredients made from these grains. That includes ‘modified food starch’, soy sauce and beverages … Continue reading Gluten Free: Fab Food Facts

Insta-Healthy Food Photos

11 May 2017

Hey snap happy Instagrammers!  Looks like those food photos you stand on chairs to get just the right angle, add filters to enhance the drool factor and make your friends wait before digging in….are helping you stay healthier! (Oatmeal cookies with dried berries, banana and peanut butter above, by the way.) How so? Well, according … Continue reading Insta-Healthy Food Photos