Wonderful Wyoming

8 April 2014

Appetite for the Tetons  A spring break visit to Jackson Hole promised moose sightings, snowy mountain vistas, world class skiing and plenty of cowboy boots. Add herds of grazing elk, galleries popping with contemporary western art and tickets to the see the Moose hockey team slap shots across the ice at the Snow King Center […]

Spring Menus Sprouting

27 March 2014

  The arrival of spring in Atlanta with happy daffodils popping up and pink blossoms budding out on trees is even more wonderfully welcome this year after shivering through an unusually icy cold winter. Restaurant menus are showing signs of springtime, too. “Artichokes are starting to arrive and we’re so excited to see asparagus, which […]

Food Label Lingo Gets a Makeover

1 March 2014

Making its debut in a supermarket near you…here’s the star of the show! The Nutrition Facts label, required by the US Food and Drug Administration to reveal what’s in the box, can, bag or package of foods we buy, is getting a long awaited, much needed makeover. Michelle Obama announced the proposed changes at the […]

A Fresh Look at Foods

28 February 2014

  Nutrition Know How from International Food Conference Sometimes you have to get away to look at things a different way. So it was with Food 3000*, a recent conference presenting the latest in nutrition research and food trends. This annual meeting of invited food and nutrition experts and writers from the U. S. (including […]

We Heart Red for Valentine’s Day

11 February 2014

 Seeing Red in Healthy Foods Heart shaped boxes of chocolates, bouquets of blooms, Valentine’s Day cards and even cute little stuffed animals are all dressed up in the signature rose colored hues of February. But, another shade of red is showing up on Atlanta restaurant menus as winter pomegranates celebrate their season. Slightly sweet and […]

Sweet and Slim Savvy Desserts

25 January 2014

In Praise of Dessert  Skipping dessert to eat a bit healthier and cut come calories in the New Year? Attention chocoholics and ice cream lovers. There’s no need to go completely cold turkey on the cakes, cookies, pies and frozen treats if you adopt dessert savvy dining strategies.  Prioritizing your craving for something sweet is […]

Winter Citrus Delicious and Nutritious

13 January 2014

 Sure it’s easy to find plenty of fresh fruit under the summer sun, but did you know that wintertime is the best time for citrus? The seasonal tasting menu at Bacchanalia puts the word right up front with a selection of Winter Citrus Sorbets including blood orange, tangerine, grapefruit and Meyer lemon. The slightly bittersweet […]