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Southern Living Slim Down South Cookbook: Eating well and living healthy in the land of biscuits and bacon! By Carolyn O’Neil

Well kiss my skinny grits, it’s time to say, “Gone with the girdle!”

My fabulous and fun cookbook with the editors of Southern Living is called The Slim Down South Cookbook: Eating Well and Living Healthy in the Land of Biscuits and Bacon.

There are over 100 recipes and beautiful photos for most ALL of the recipes, plus meal plans that will have you smacking your lips and trimming your hips.


Here’s what Food Network Star and author, Alton Brown has to say about Slim Down South Cookbook!

“Carolyn O’Neil has managed to work some magic here by designing dishes that deliver real southern flavor without all those pesky southern calories. “ – Alton Brown, host Cut Throat Kitchen, Food Network and, of course, Good Eats where I appeared as the nutrition expert, Lady of the Refrigerator.


What’s the Slim Down South Cookbook all about?

I’ve learned that the best way to get folks to improve their eating habits is to allow them to embrace foods they love. If your life’s not complete without fried chicken, design an eating plan that includes it on occasion. If you crave bacon or beignets, it’s not only OK to indulge a little—it’s a healthy habit for the long haul.

It’s also a smart idea to give traditional Southern dishes a healthy makeover. From casual lunches to candlelit affairs and from breakfast to dessert (yes, dessert!), the recipes in The Slim Down South Cookbook are both fabulous and figure-friendly.

That’s SLIM –sational!

Southern culture certainly tempts us with deviled eggs and layer cakes. But it also gives us the grit to lace up our running shoes, the grace to say, “No thank you, ma’am” to second helpings, and the good manners to eat slowly and not talk with our mouths full. The Slim Down South Cookbook includes scores of secrets from slim Southerners about how to navigate temptation. The slightly slower rhythm of life in the South helps us to be more mindful of the foods we’re eating, to take time to appreciate the china pattern and the flowers and the people we’re with so that when the meal’s over we’re simply more satisfied.

Let’s set the table and start cooking, y’all! I’d be pleased as punch if you’d buy a copy of the Slim Down South Cookbook and tell me what you think!



Ready to order. Get ’em while they’re hot…

OK, one more quote from Alton Brown. My publishers declined to use this one…but it’s all Alton!

“Carolyn O’Neil has somehow managed to design dishes combining authentic southern flavors with sound nutrition.  I think she may be a witch.”  – Alton Brown


The Dish

The idea for this book was born when we realized that women needed advice on making healthier food choices without giving up their right to be fabulous! And in our world eating healthy doesn’t mean staying home with a fridge full of cottage cheese and bottled water. Modern multitasking women are on the move and need to live off the land sometimes grabbing meals in airports, drive thru windows and even convenience stores. (It can be done!) It also means enjoying the good life dining at wonderful restaurants and entertaining friends at home. Written by us –Carolyn and Densie -two registered dietitians who love to eat, The Dish is meant to be a girl friend’s guide to eating in, eating out, entertaining and traveling with style.   While we’re talking fashion, we also believe that even the most desirable delicacies from chocolate truffles to chili cheese dip can be part of an overall healthy diet, as long as you are only accessorizing with the rich and fluffy stuff. Go easy gal. Everyone knows that overdoing the belts, baubles, bangles and beads ruins an outfit- the same goes for designing our meals.

Maybe you relate to the single Sex and the City types or a modern mom a la Katie Couric; or you see yourself more as a full of life Star Jones or sleek and timeless Lauren Hutton. No matter. We wanted The Dish to be the very first diet book aimed at glamour girls of all ages and sizes. It’s not just a lifestyle, it’s a way of thinking that can adapt to your unique life and your personal tastes. Get ready to learn some powerful food and fitness strategies to add energy to your days while subtracting inches from your derriere! We know that diets don’t have to be dull and boring, and neither does a diet book. So, here, nutrition aptitude meets a new diet attitude with style! Sure, nutrition used to be nerdy- now it’s hip and healthy. Just like you. The Dish is filled with great tips and delicious recipes to help you be your most fabulous!

“Get your own Dish!” on Amazon!